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Which sewage treatment system is right for you?

An advanced wastewater treatment system pre-treats wastewater before it is discharged via an irrigation dripline to the ground.  These systems are  now extremely sophisticated and are able to be used in less than ideal soil conditions.  They also help reduce harmful groundwater contamination.

If you are in a flat, free draining area you may be able to use a primary treatment unit or septic tank instead.  However you will be unable to use the treated wastewater for irrigation.

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How an Advanced Sewage Treatment System Works 

  1. All sewage and waste water from your home flows into a chamber, then into a second chamber.
  2. From here all waste is treated and dispersed in an odourless process, before flowing by displacement through a filter and into the aeration chamber.
  3. Any sludge which settles is then collected and returned to the primary chamber for further treatment.
  4. The final settling / irrigation pump-out chamber discharges the highly treated effluent to the irrigation disposal field for reuse in the surrounding environment.ABS System

Septic Tanks

Untreated household sewage would quickly clog any soil structure if applied directly to the soil.  So the function of the septic tank (also known as a primary treatment unit) is to act as a settling tank, allowing solids to settle to the bottom of the tank with fats and grease floating to the surface.

The middle clear zone allows for draw off into a secondary chamber. Modern septic tanks generally include a bacteriological filter. Septic tanks may have one or two compartments with an additional chamber for a discharge pump.

Sizing and suitability of septic tanks will vary depending on:

  • Design engineers and council specifications
  • Soil types and level of treatment specified by engineer
  • Number of bedrooms and sizing of dwelling

Click on the brochures below to view our systems, or download as a pdf.

ABS Brochure Cover

B52 Brochure Cover

Installing Dripline
Residential Dripline
Finished Dripline

This series of photos shows the installation of the dripline which can be placed either into a shelter belt of trees or a garden, providing valuable irrigation.