Storage Tanks


Water storage – concrete and polyethylene
Stormwater detention
Septic tanks
  • Our wide range of storage tanks are manufactured to high quality standards,incorporating reinforcing mesh frame work and 50 MPA concrete.
  • The units are vibrated to increase the compaction and therefore durability.
  • Sizes include 2-6-10-20 m3 storage tanks able to be transported to sites around New Zealand.

Water Storage Tanks

  • Concrete  storage tanks are designed for multiple purposes including water storage, fire fighting protection, industrial use & stormwater detention.
  • Tanks are designed to be installed above & below ground providing a cool, clear7 healthy water supply. 
  • They are designed to withstand fire, rust, & algae growth.
  • Concrete storage tanks are impervious to damaging ultraviolet sun rays, and are non-toxic providing a cool, dark environment for water storage.
  • All our tanks are manufactured to AS/NZS 1546.2008. AS/NZS 51547.2012.