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  • Wastewater Treatment Experts | Austin Bluewater

    About Us Austin Bluewater Environmental Concepts Ltd is a proven leader with over 30 years hands-on experience designing and manufacturing wastewater treatment systems, in New Zealand, for New Zealand. Austin Bluewater Environmental Concepts is a leading manufacturer of specialised wastewater products including treatment systems, septic tanks, water storage tanks, pump stations, grease traps and oil & grit interceptors. Our company’s founder and director Lew Austin, is the innovator of Aerobic Wastewater Treatment Systems in New Zealand and still plays an active role in the direction and supervision of the business. ​ As a business, we actively seek to develop, improve and refine all aspects of our products and manufacturing processes. Respect and care for the environment is our motivation to continue to develop and enhance the treatment of wastewater. All of our products are designed, manufactured and assembled at our own manufacturing facility to ensure consistent quality and durability. Our History Engineering the future of wastewater since the 90's Having been born into a family with over 100 years of drainage pipe manufacturing under their belts, Lew Austin started working in the industry with his father when he was just six years old. So it’s no surprise his first job after leaving school was working for a hydraulic engineering firm. Here he learnt the fundamentals of water - pumping, irrigation etc. In later years, he installed some of Canterbury’s first large irrigators. Later, when Lew moved to a lifestyle block with his young family, he became concerned about the ground water implications from the old-style septic tank and domestic wells on his block. Inspired by other ‘can-do’ Kiwis, Lew retreated to his garage workshop and tinkered with ideas around improving the performance of the wastewater system on his own property. This eventually lead to the formation of his own wastewater treatment company in 1991. He travelled the world researching the latest technology, and made sure the best of this was included in his products. Lew built this business into a highly successful national company, eventually selling to a major national corporate. But, it’s hard to keep a good man down, and after a few years spent establishing a commercial development in Rolleston, and also starting a concrete precast business, Lew’s thoughts turned to wastewater treatment again. More international travel revealed new technology was now available, resulting in a better and more efficient product. These new innovations form the backbone of the Austin Bluewater products, making them the most technologically advanced wastewater treatment systems on the market in New Zealand today. Contact the Team Lew Austin Founder 03 595 2812 or 021 356 736 .nz Kirk Austin Production Manager 03 595 2812 or 022 018 1294 Melissa Austin Service Manager 03 595 2812 or 021 265 7871 melissa@austinbluewat Julie Robinson Branch Manager 03 595 2812 julie@austinbl Graeme Langley Sales & Service 03 595 2812 or 027 607 4961 Steve Roche Business Manager 03 595 2812 or 021 989 651 steve@austinbluewater Beth Roche Wastewater Design & Consents Planner 03 595 2812 or 021 989 630 beth@aus David Freer Service Technician 03 595 2812

  • Contact Your Wastewater Specialists | Austin Bluewater

    Contact We're here to help 20 Illinois Drive, Rolleston 7614 PO Box 16865, Hornby, Christchurch 8441 0800 287 846 or 03 595 2812 @austinbluewater First Name Last Name Email Phone Message Send Thanks, we'll be in touch!

  • Wastewater Treatment Systems | Austin Bluewater

    Engineering the future of wastewater Providing Kiwis with expert solutions in residential and commercial wastewater treatment systems. Residential Solutions Building a new home? Let us help you make one of the most important decisions about your rural home – managing your household's wastewater. Traditionally known as Septic Tanks, todays systems are much more advanced and better for the environment than the septic tank you may remember from your grandparents farm or rural property and therefore have different names depending on the system. Our systems are eco-friendly utilising naturally occurring bacteria to process waste the way nature intended, with no need for added chemicals. ​ Discover the key features of our Aerated Secondary Wastewater and Primary Septic Wastewater systems and let our experienced team assist you in selecting the ideal system for your needs. Learn more about Residential Solutions Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems Learn More Lightweight Polyethylene Treatment Systems Learn More Water Storage / Stormwater Detention Learn More Primary Septic Wastewater Systems Learn More Commercial Solutions Our commercial systems are suitable for a wide range of commercial entities. Our systems can be installed on any terrain, including hillsides and hard to access areas. Do you have a commercial project in mind? Contact our team today. Learn more about Commercial Solutions Advanced Commercial Wastewater Treatment Systems Learn More Oil & Grit Interceptors and Grease Traps Learn More Water, Holding, Storage & Stormwater Detention Learn More Quality, reliability and innovation are the pillars of our success Why Austin Bluewater? For over 30 years, we've led the charge in designing and manufacturing top-notch waste water treatment systems. Our Director, Lew Austin even introduced the first advanced wastewater management system to New Zealand in 1990. At Austin Bluewater, we offer a comprehensive range of eco-friendly options for both residential and commercial purposes. Our units boast significant benefits such as simplicity, reliability, lower investment costs, and dramatically lower power consumption — all without the use of chemicals. We take quality seriously - that's why all our products are made in-house to meet the strict standards of various Environmental Protection Agencies. Learn more about Our Manufacturing Process Our History & The Team Want to know more? Contact our team today! 0800 287 846

  • Air Blowers | Wastewater Treatment | Austin Bluewater

    Air Blowers In wastewater treatment processes, aeration introduces air into a liquid, providing an aerobic environment for microbial degradation of organic matter. The purpose of aeration is two-fold. ​ To supply the required oxygen to the micro-organisms Provide mixing so the micro-organisms come into intimate contact with the dissolved and suspended organic matter. The most common aeration system is Submerged Aeration. This is where air is introduced by diffusers submerged in the wastewater. Various types of aeration blower systems are available, the two most common methods incorporated into small to medium sized aeration systems are piston and diaphragm aerators. Both units have advantages and disadvantages when applied to the wastewater process. At Austin Bluewater we are able to offer recommendations on both types of product for your particular requirements. Looking for technical information? Go to resources Want to know more? Contact our team today! 0800 287 846

  • Sundry Components Wastewater Systems | Austin Bluewater

    Sundry Components We have a selection of system components suitable as replacement, new or retrofitting. The below is a sample of some of the components we stock. Contact us for recommendations and suitability. ​ If you have any queries, just pick up the phone and give us a call, or send us an email. We are always very happy to help. Flouts Disc Diffusers Bio-Blok Float Switches Flouts A Flout provides a power free way of dosing an effluent field. How do flouts work? When the chamber is full the flout is triggered and discharges a fixed dose (dose depends on chamber size and Flout length). This provides a more even distribution of the field when compared to gravity and as a result can extend field life. Not suitable for all sites and dispersal methods, this will usually be specified by your wastewater engineer or speak to the Austin Bluewater team to see if this is the correct choice for your site. Looking for technical information? Go to resources Disc Diffusers In the wastewater treatment process, aeration introduces air into the liquid, providing an aerobic environment for microbial degration of organic matter. The purpose of aeration is two fold: To supply the required oxygen to the micro organisms To provide mixing to allow micro organisms to come into intimate contact with dissolved and suspended organic matter The most common and proven method is subsurface, using fine air diffusion. Fine air diffusion is preferred as the most efficient method due to its efficiency and lower power costs to operate. Looking for technical information? Go to resources Bio-Blok® BIO-BLOK® is the ideal filter medium for new wastewater treatment plants as well as for renovation of existing installations. Compared to traditional activated sludge treatment plants, the application of the BIO-BLOK® elements could increase the efficiency by up to four times. Therefore, in most cases the installation costs are reduced significantly. ​ The BIO-BLOK® elements, developed by EXPO-NET Danmark A/S, are well-tested products that have proved to be very efficient in the bacteriological treatment of domestic sewage, industrial waste water and water from aquaculture. ​ The BIO-BLOK® is constructed and made of oval-shaped net threads with a given diameter. If the thickness of these threads grows due to coating of biofilm, the specific biologically active surface grows as well. Looking for technical information? Go to resources Float Switches Commonly used to control pump activation/level control and for high water level warnings. Available in varying cord length and rated for the wastewater environment. Bianco Pump Float Switch Product Description Used as input signal to control a pump through control panel and other ancillary equipment. Technical Data • Rated Voltage: AC: 250V • Maximum Current: 10Amp • Frequency: 50-60Hz • Max. Operating Temperature: 50ºC • Protection: IP68 Looking for technical information? Go to resources Want to know more? Contact our team today! 0800 287 846

  • Manufacturing Process | Austin Bluewater

    Built to last Tank Manufacturing Process You can trust in our tanks for their strength, durability and our meticulous production process. Each tank is constructed with a single piece design to prevent breakages and leaks within the internal walls. Using specially designed steel moulds ensures consistency in our production. After every pour, our moulds are carefully inspected, cleaned and prepared for the next use. ​ To reinforce the concrete, we use 665 steel mesh and extra reinforcement for the lifting points. This internal mesh is centrally positioned to add strength to the structure and meets the requirements of AS/NZS1546.1:2008, ensuring a minimum concrete cover over reinforcement. Although more labour intensive, this ensures a more durable structure than commonly used fibre concrete. Readymix concrete is poured into the moulds and externally vibrated to ensure all voids are filled and excess air is removed. Once cured, the concrete in our tanks has a strength of 45mpa, twice the strength of a house foundation! After the pour is complete, the moulds are covered and steamed overnight for optimal curing. Once the concrete is cured, the moulds are rotated, unclamped and lifted off the tank. Our skilled team assembles the required quality components and completes the internal fit out of the system. We pour the tank lids separately, these are placed on top of the tank bodies and sealed along the joins. A bead of sealant is applied prior to an epoxy mix to minimise the chance of leaking as much as possible. Before being sent to their new homes, each completed system undergoes a thorough Quality Assurance process. Want to know more? Contact our team today! 0800 287 846

  • Wastewater & Grease Trap Filters | Austin Bluewater

    Wastewater & Grease Trap Filters Austin Bluewater supply a range of filters for wastewater, septic tanks and grease traps that are suited to various levels of filtration and flows. Get in touch with our sales team today and they can talk you through your options specifically suited to your needs. Polylok Bacteriological Effluent Filters Polylok filters are a cost effective, high quality product specifically designed for filtering and reducing the BOD (organic content) of wastewater. The unique feature on the full range of Polylok P.L. filters is an automatic shut-off ball. When the filter is removed for regular servicing, the ball will float up to prevent any solids from leaving the chamber, which otherwise could result in blockages to pumps or field drains. Available in various sizes and configurations to suit individual applications. Each design is patented and NSF certified. Grease Trap & Effluent Filters We also stock a range of effluent filters from other major brands including Zabel and Taylex. These include filters that can be easily retrofitted to existing systems. Looking for technical information? Go to resources Want to know more? Contact our team today! 0800 287 846

  • Wastewater Treatment Resources | Austin Bluewater

    Resources Here you will find all brochures, warranty documents, user manuals, care guides, installation instructions, system dimensions, technical documents etc. ​ If you have any questions or can't find what you're looking for please do get in touch with us. Brochures Click on the brochures below to view, or download as a pdf. Advanced Wastewater Treatment System Brochure ABS2000 Primary Septic Treatment System Brochure B52 Taylex Lightweight Polyethylene Treatment System Brochure Oil & Grit Interceptor Brochure Warranty Document, User Manuals & Care Information Click on the documents below to view, or download as a pdf. Austin Bluewater Standard Warranty Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems ABS2000 / ABS2500 / ABS3000 Owner Operator Manual Septic Treatment Systems B33 / B52 / B90 Owner Operator Manual System & Technical Specifications and Installation Guides Click on the documents below to view, or download as a pdf. On-site Effluent Treatment National Testing Programme (OSET NTP) Performance Certificate Mar2018 Austin Bluewater Standard Tank Specifications and Excavation/Installation Instructions Residential Wastewater Systems Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems (Technical Trade Book) ABS2000 Pumped Treatment System ABS2000 Flout Treatment System ABS2000 Ultra Flout Treatment System ABS2500 Treatment System ABS3000 Treatment System Resources: Taylex Lightweight Polyethylene Treatment System Taylex Excavation & Installation Procedures Taylex Poly ABS2000 Resources: Septic Primary Septic Treatment Systems B33P: 3300L Septic Tank with Pump Installed B33F: 3300L Septic Tank with Flout B52-P: B52 Pumped 3 Chamber Septic B52-G: B52 Gravity 3 Chamber Septic B52-F: B52 Flout 3 Chamber Septic B52UF: B52 Ultra Flout 3 Chamber Septic B90P B90G B90F - Ultra Flout Septic Tanks - Concrete ST16: Septic Tank 1,600 litre ST33: Septic Tank 3,300 litre ST33Fi: Septic Tank 3,300 litre (Filtered) ST65: Septic Tank 6,500 litre ST65Fi: Septic Tank 6,500 litre (Filtered) ST10: Septic Tank 10,000 litre ST10Fi: Septic Tank 10,000 litre (Filtered) ST20: Septic Tank 20,000 litre ST20Fi: Septic Tank 20,000 litre (Filtered) Commercial Systems ABC5: Modular Commercial System 5.0m3 ABC10: Modular Commercial System 10.0m3 ABC15: Modular Commercial System 15.0m3 ABC20: Modular Commercial System 20.0m3 Holding Tanks HT33: Holding Tank 3,300 litre HT65: Holding Tank 6,500 litre HT65a: Holding Tank 6,500 litre (Alarmed) HT10: Holding Tank 10,000 litre HT10a: Holding Tank 10,000 litre (Alarmed) HT20: Holding Tank 20,000 litre HT20a: Holding Tank 20,000 litre (Alarmed) Water Tanks WT33: Water Tank 3,300 litre WT65: Water Tank 6,500 litre WT10: Water Tank 10,000 litre WT20: Water Tank 20,000 litre Oil & Grit Interceptors OG15: Oil & Grit Interceptor 1,500 litre OG33: Oil & Grit Interceptor 3,300 litre OG65: Oil & Grit Interceptor 6,500 litre Note: HD lids and drawings are available on request Grease Traps GT15: Grease Trap 1,500 litre GT33: Grease Trap 3,300 litre GT65: Grease Trap 6,500 litre Pump Stations, Pumps and Pump Chambers PC1500: Pump Chamber 1,500 litre (Concrete Construction) PC1500V: Vortex Pump Chamber 1,500 litre (Concrete Construction) PC1500M: Macerating Pump Chamber 1,500 litre (Concrete Construction) PE PC 1300: Pump Chamber 1,300 litre (Polyethylene Construction) PE PCV 1300: Vortex Pump Chamber 1,300 litre (Polyethylene Construction) PE PCM 1300: Macerating Pump Chamber 1,300 litre (Polyethylene Construction) Wastewater & Grease Trap Filters PL-122: Effluent Filter PL-525: Effluent Filter PL-625: Effluent Filter Grease Trap Gravity Effluent Filters Air Blowers Linear LA80 XP 80 Control Panels Austin Control Panels Irrigation Drip Line IG1: Sub-surface Dripper Line OG1: Surface Laid Dripper Line M1: Mounded Dripper Line DLSc1: Drip Field Layout Schematic Sundry Components FC1600: Flout Chamber 1,600 litre 9" Disc Diffuser Float Switches Development of Biofilm on BIO-BLOK 150 Technical Specifications BIO-BLOK 150

  • Control Panels | Wastewater Systems | Austin Bluewater

    Control Panels We offer a variety of Control Panels for our large range of systems relating to both sewage and stormwater discharges. Our Control Panels are compact and easy to operate ensuring steady and reliable performances for all systems. All panels are designed for outside operation. For other specialist controllers and applications we are able to offer additional functionality within our extended range. Basic Pump controller - Model EZI Advance Pump Controller Universal Pump Controller Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant Controller At Austin Bluewater we are able to offer recommendations on the suitable product for your particular requirements. Looking for technical information? Go to resources Want to know more? Contact our team today! 0800 287 846

  • Water Storage Tanks | Austin Bluewater

    Water, Holding & Storage Tanks Our holding and storage tanks are specifically designed and manufactured for multiple purposes including water storage, wastewater collection, fire fighting protection, industrial use & stormwater detention. Tanks are designed to be installed above & below ground providing a cool, clear and healthy water supply. They are designed to withstand fire, rust and algae growth Concrete storage tanks are impervious to damaging ultraviolet sun rays, and are non-toxic providing a cool, dark environment for water storage. All our tanks are manufactured to AS/NZS 1546.2008. AS/NZS 1547.2012. ​ Get in touch with our sales team today and they can talk you through your options specifically suited to your needs. Looking for technical information? Go to resources Want to know more? Contact our team today! 0800 287 846

  • Grease Traps & Oil Grit Interceptors | Austin Bluewater

    Grease Traps and Oil & Grit Interceptors We have a range of engineered systems suitable for your commercial entity. ​ Below is an introduction to the different systems, how they work and what you can expect. ​ If you have any queries, just pick up the phone and give us a call, or send us an email. We are always very happy to help. Grease Traps Oil & Grit Interceptors Grease Traps A grease trap's function is to remove grease from the wastewater stream to achieve acceptable standards before discharging into a sanitary sewer system. Precast concrete grease interceptors are the most effective choice for grease removal, they are watertight, durable and easy to install. Manufactured with high strength steel reinforced concrete, these come in a range of sizes to suit different applications. Trafficable options are also available if required. Multi chamber systems retain grease and fat by allowing them to settle on the surface and allowing the clean water to pass through. Specifically designed grease filters can be added to these systems when a higher level of treatment is required Looking for technical information? Go to resources Oil & Grit Interceptors Oil & Grit Interceptors are the technical solution for the separation of oil & grit from stormwater runoff at fuel stations, car parks, commercial spaces, contracting environments and industrial wash down bays. The interceptor uses gravitational force and varying densities of oil and water to remove oil from drainage. Oil and grit interceptors are an effective and simple solution to separate and store grits and all types of oils from lightly contaminated storm water and wash-down water. They are required for the separation of heavy solids (sand & grit) and floating hydrocarbons from storm water or wash down areas. They are typically used in industrial and commercial applications where there is potential risk for contamination from hydrocarbon products into waterways. The multi chambered treatment tank is installed close to the collection point (to ensure the oil reaches the interceptor before it emulsifies or pollutes the area) allowing for the storm water / wash down water to flow into the settlement chambers prior to entering a storm water lateral or disposal system. Features… Multi-chambered tank design - engineered for effective grit and oil separation Watertight construction of tank preventing water ingress Manufactured using steel reinforced 45mpa commercial strength concrete Robust design for commercial applications Swift lift anchors to ensure easy manoeuvrability and cartage Option to customise design to suit the application including engineers PS1 for loading design. Options for cast iron manhole covers Customised options for inlet and outlet pipework Engineered designs for heavy duty trafficable lids Best suited to… The Austin Bluewater Oil & Grit Interceptor can be used in the following applications: Driveways Loading bays Small sealed carparks Commercial carwash facilities Wash down bays Depots or terminals Pre-treatment to a retention tank or pond Industrial yards Approved Standards Built to NZS 3109, Concrete Construction New Zealand Standard Oil & Grit Interceptors Technical Specifications Brochure Download the brochure Looking for technical information? Go to resources Want to know more? Contact our team today! 0800 287 846

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