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About Us

Austin Bluewater Environmental Concepts Ltd is a proven leader with over 30 years hands-on experience designing and manufacturing wastewater treatment systems, in New Zealand, for New Zealand.


Austin Bluewater Environmental Concepts is a leading manufacturer of specialised wastewater products including treatment systems, septic tanks, water storage tanks, pump stations, grease traps and oil & grit interceptors.


Our company’s founder and director Lew Austin, is the innovator of Aerobic Wastewater Treatment Systems in New Zealand and still plays an active role in the direction and supervision of the business.

As a business, we actively seek to develop, improve and refine all aspects of our products and manufacturing processes. Respect and care for the environment is our motivation to continue to develop and enhance the treatment of wastewater. All of our products are designed, manufactured and assembled at our own manufacturing facility to ensure consistent quality and durability.

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Our History

Engineering the future of wastewater since the 90's

Having been born into a family with over 100 years of drainage pipe manufacturing under their belts, Lew Austin started working in the industry with his father when he was just six years old. So it’s no surprise his first job after leaving school was working for a hydraulic engineering firm.


Here he learnt the fundamentals of water - pumping, irrigation etc. In later years, he installed some of Canterbury’s first large irrigators. Later, when Lew moved to a lifestyle block with his young family, he became concerned about the ground water implications from the old-style septic tank and domestic wells on his block. Inspired by other ‘can-do’ Kiwis, Lew retreated to his garage workshop and tinkered with ideas around improving the performance of the wastewater system on his own property. This eventually lead to the formation of his own wastewater treatment company in 1991. He travelled the world researching the latest technology, and made sure the best of this was included in his products. Lew built this business into a highly successful national company, eventually selling to a major national corporate.


But, it’s hard to keep a good man down, and after a few years spent establishing a commercial development in Rolleston, and also starting a concrete precast business, Lew’s thoughts turned to wastewater treatment again. More international travel revealed new technology was now available, resulting in a better and more efficient product. These new innovations form the backbone of the Austin Bluewater products, making them the most technologically advanced wastewater treatment systems on the market in New Zealand today.

Austin Bluewater Manufacturing

Contact the Team

Austin Bluewatr Kirk Austin

Kirk Austin

Production Manager
Austin Bluewater Julie Robinson

Julie Robinson

Branch Manager
Austin Bluewater Beth Roche

Beth Roche

Wastewater Design & Consents Planner
Austin Bluewater David Freer

David Freer

Service Technician
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