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Commercial Systems

Commercial wastewater treatment systems consist of varying configurations, our systems being of modular design and able to treat hydraulic flows from 3m3 to 50m3 per day.


Our advanced commercial wastewater systems are specifically designed and manufactured suitable for commercial entities such as accommodation complexes, recreation facilities, camping grounds, shopping malls, schools and factories. Our systems can be installed on any terrain, including hillsides and hard to access areas.

Our sustainable systems treat wastewater through the aerobic digestion process, enabling micro organisms to transform wastewater into a clean odourless liquid, allowing disposal via drip Irrigation into soil for final treatment.

The systems are manufactured in a modular form configuration. Robust extended aeration technology and minimised control systems allow for low maintenance of the systems.

As extended aeration systems are modular they may be sized for any application, and may also be expanded at a later date to suit an expanding application.

Get in touch with our sales team today and they can talk you through your options and design a customised system specifically for your needs and property. 

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