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Sundry Components

We have a selection of system components suitable as replacement, new or retrofitting. The below is a sample of some of the components we stock.


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A Flout provides a power free way of dosing an effluent field.

How do flouts work?

When the chamber is full the flout is triggered and discharges a fixed dose (dose depends on chamber size and Flout length). This provides a more even distribution of the field when compared to gravity and as a result can extend field life.


Not suitable for all sites and dispersal methods, this will usually be specified by your wastewater engineer or speak to the Austin Bluewater team to see if this is the correct choice for your site.

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Disc Diffusers

In the wastewater treatment process, aeration introduces air into the liquid, providing an aerobic environment for microbial degration of organic matter.

The purpose of aeration is two fold:

  1. To supply the required oxygen to the micro organisms

  2. To provide mixing to allow micro organisms to come into intimate contact with dissolved and suspended organic matter


The most common and proven method is subsurface, using fine air diffusion. Fine air diffusion is preferred as the most efficient method due to its efficiency and lower power costs to operate.

Fine Air Diffuser
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BIO-BLOK® is the ideal filter medium for new wastewater treatment plants as well as for renovation of existing installations.

Compared to traditional activated sludge treatment plants, the application of the BIO-BLOK® elements could increase the efficiency by up to four times. Therefore, in most cases the installation costs are reduced significantly. 

The BIO-BLOK® elements, developed by EXPO-NET Danmark A/S, are well-tested products that have proved to be very efficient in the bacteriological treatment of domestic sewage, industrial waste water and water from aquaculture.

The BIO-BLOK® is constructed and made of oval-shaped net threads with a given diameter. If the thickness of these threads grows due to coating of biofilm, the specific biologically active surface grows as well.

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Float Switches

Commonly used to control pump activation/level control and for high water level warnings. Available in varying cord length and rated for the wastewater environment.

Bianco Pump Float Switch

Product Description

Used as input signal to control a pump through control panel and other ancillary equipment.

Technical Data

• Rated Voltage: AC: 250V

• Maximum Current: 10Amp

• Frequency: 50-60Hz

• Max. Operating Temperature: 50ºC

• Protection: IP68

Float switch
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