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Here you will find all brochures, warranty documents, user manuals, care guides, installation instructions, system dimensions, technical documents etc. 

If you have any questions or can't find what you're looking for please do get in touch with us.


Click on the brochures below to view, or download as a pdf.

Warranty Document, User Manuals & Care Information

Click on the documents below to view, or download as a pdf.

Austin Bluewater Manufacturing

System & Technical Specifications
and Installation Guides

Click on the documents below to view, or download as a pdf.

Residential Wastewater Systems

Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems

Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems (Technical Trade Book)

ABS2000 Pumped Treatment System

ABS2000 Flout Treatment System

ABS2000 Ultra Flout Treatment System

ABS2500 Treatment System

ABS3000 Treatment System

Resources: Taylex

Lightweight Polyethylene Treatment System

Taylex Excavation & Installation Procedures

Taylex Poly ABS2000

Resources: Septic

Primary Septic Treatment Systems

B33P: 3300L Septic Tank with Pump Installed

B33F: 3300L Septic Tank with Flout

B52-P: B52 Pumped 3 Chamber Septic

B52-G: B52 Gravity 3 Chamber Septic

B52-F: B52 Flout 3 Chamber Septic

B52UF: B52 Ultra Flout 3 Chamber Septic



B90F - Ultra Flout

Septic Tanks - Concrete

ST16: Septic Tank 1,600 litre

ST33: Septic Tank 3,300 litre

ST33Fi: Septic Tank 3,300 litre (Filtered)

ST65: Septic Tank 6,500 litre

ST65Fi: Septic Tank 6,500 litre (Filtered)

ST10: Septic Tank 10,000 litre

ST10Fi: Septic Tank 10,000 litre (Filtered)

ST20: Septic Tank 20,000 litre

ST20Fi: Septic Tank 20,000 litre (Filtered)

Commercial Systems

ABC5: Modular Commercial System 5.0m3

ABC10: Modular Commercial System 10.0m3

ABC15: Modular Commercial System 15.0m3

ABC20: Modular Commercial System 20.0m3

Holding Tanks

HT33: Holding Tank 3,300 litre

HT65: Holding Tank 6,500 litre

HT65a: Holding Tank 6,500 litre (Alarmed)

HT10: Holding Tank 10,000 litre

HT10a: Holding Tank 10,000 litre (Alarmed)

HT20: Holding Tank 20,000 litre

HT20a: Holding Tank 20,000 litre (Alarmed)

Water Tanks

WT33: Water Tank 3,300 litre

WT65: Water Tank 6,500 litre

WT10: Water Tank 10,000 litre

WT20: Water Tank 20,000 litre

Oil & Grit Interceptors

OG15: Oil & Grit Interceptor 1,500 litre

OG33: Oil & Grit Interceptor 3,300 litre

OG65: Oil & Grit Interceptor 6,500 litre

Note: HD lids and drawings are available on request

Grease Traps

GT15: Grease Trap 1,500 litre

GT33: Grease Trap 3,300 litre

GT65: Grease Trap 6,500 litre

Pump Stations, Pumps and Pump Chambers

PC1500: Pump Chamber 1,500 litre (Concrete Construction)

PC1500V: Vortex Pump Chamber 1,500 litre (Concrete Construction)

PC1500M: Macerating Pump Chamber 1,500 litre (Concrete Construction)

PE PC 1300: Pump Chamber 1,300 litre (Polyethylene Construction)

PE PCV 1300: Vortex Pump Chamber 1,300 litre (Polyethylene Construction)

PE PCM 1300: Macerating Pump Chamber 1,300 litre (Polyethylene Construction)

Wastewater & Grease Trap Filters

PL-122: Effluent Filter

PL-525: Effluent Filter

PL-625: Effluent Filter Grease Trap

Gravity Effluent Filters

Air Blowers

Linear LA80

XP 80

Control Panels

Austin Control Panels

Irrigation Drip Line

IG1: Sub-surface Dripper Line

OG1: Surface Laid Dripper Line

M1: Mounded Dripper Line

DLSc1: Drip Field Layout Schematic

Sundry Components

FC1600: Flout Chamber 1,600 litre

9" Disc Diffuser

Float Switches

Development of Biofilm on BIO-BLOK 150

Technical Specifications BIO-BLOK 150

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