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Air Blowers

In wastewater treatment processes, aeration introduces air into a liquid, providing an aerobic environment for microbial degradation of organic matter. The purpose of aeration is two-fold.

  1. To supply the required oxygen to the micro-organisms

  2. Provide mixing so the micro-organisms come into intimate contact with the dissolved and suspended organic matter.

The most common aeration system is Submerged Aeration. This is where air is introduced by diffusers submerged in the wastewater.
Various types of aeration blower systems are available, the two most common methods incorporated into small to medium sized aeration systems are piston and diaphragm aerators.


Both units have advantages and disadvantages when applied to the wastewater process.

Nitto Air Blower

At Austin Bluewater we are able to offer recommendations on both types of product for your particular requirements.

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